Class Overview


Yoga is popular but what is popular is not Yoga.  ~ Yogi Amrit Desai

Physical yoga is reaching the natural limits of strength and flexibility.
We go beyond the limits of physical yoga and teach energy yoga.  ~ Yogacharya Chandrakant

Yoga is about much more than just flexibility.
There are plenty of very flexible, very miserable people.  ~ Ramdas

Amrit Yoga Level I:
Posture of Consciousness

Using traditional yoga postures, you learn to break reactive patterns and begin to recognize that energy follows attention. 

No previous yoga experience required.  See schedule for available classes.


yoga_nidraAmrit Yoga Nidra:
Integrative Relaxation

Hatha Yoga transforms a person from the outside in.  Yoga Nidra works from the inside out.  This sleep-based, guided meditation allows you to experience all the benefits of meditation even if you have no experience with meditation.

No previous experience required.  We recommend bringing your own blanket and pillow.  See schedule for available classes.


Ramdas Temple of Sound - fullAmrit Yoga Level II:
Meditation in Motion

Go from "one size fits all" to individualized yoga.  You will discover that attention follows energy and learn how to live in harmony with the natural flow of life so you live a perpetual Meditation in Motion.

Six months experience with Amrit Yoga Level I recommended.  See schedule for available classes.


Right Knowledge

Yoga postures, meditation, non-violence, these are some of the tools of yoga just like a hammer is a tool of carpentry.  Knowing how to hammer a nail doesn’t give you the skill to build a house.  Learn how to use yoga skillfully to create peace and not just do another yoga routine.

No previous experience required.  We recommend bringing your own cushion to sit on.  Typically offered at 7 PM on the second Sunday of the month.  See schedule for the next Satsang.


yoga in the parkCommunity:
Right Company

Join us every Saturday at 8 AM for Yoga in the Park.  Ramdas also offers an extended Yoga Nidra session once each month.  Community events (including monthly Satsangs) are offered free.  These events provide great opportunities to befriend and know your fellow Wasatch Yogis better.

Company is stronger than willpower. ~Yogi Amrit Desai

No previous experience required.  See schedule for community events.