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Living with Intention—October 7th

What is the purpose of your life?

Once I asked my daughter why she was practicing piano.  “Because you told me to practice.”  That was true but not the question I wanted her to answer.  “Yes, but that’s because I want you to do well with your piano lessons but why do you want to practice?”

“Well, I want to make music of my own.”

Ask yourself this same question but ask it about your own life.  Why are you alive?  What is the purpose of your life?

Join me to discover the purpose of your life or, if you’ve already attended, discover how your purpose in life has grown!

This workshop is can be used for Yoga Alliance continuing education credits for no extra charge.  Call 801-251-6242 or email for details.

$35 For first time attendees
$25 For returning attendees (Unique Purpose workshop),
call 801-251-6242 for details